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In Anthroposophy and homeopathy, gold remedies refer to plants that carry themes of gold. These plants have a strong affinity for the sun—a catalyzer—and many are heliotropic, meaning they turn their faces toward the sun. Gold remedies tend to develop a lot of character and strength (they are often linked to immune support) and possess an innate ability to protect themselves against environmental aggressors.

Gold remedies are harmonizers; they balance polarities and address the cumulative effects of daily environmental and lifestyle stressors. With a feeling of gentle warmth, aeration, and golden light, they act as a bridge to healing as they penetrate barriers of coldness, dampness, congestion, and lack of flow. Many gold remedy plants carry high concentrations of carotenes, which are converted in the body or skin tissue to vitamin A (retinol), translating to retinoic acid for collagen stimulation.