High-Powered Body Activators

Solution Botanique: Our most targeted treatments are formulated based on the collective knowledge of the materia medica—the therapeutic properties of any substance used for healing—to address stress, fatigue, promote detoxification, optimize skin, stimulate healing, and restore balance.

The Beauty of Our Balms

In Fiore was founded on our hand-blended, luxurious, and nourishing body balms. Each harnesses the spirit-lifting properties of flower essences and are the perfect concentrated moisturizer for long-lasting supple skin.


Our founder, Julie Elliott, knows a lot about efficacious supplements— what works and what doesn't. And she takes a multitude of ingestibles to boost her health. These are some of her ride or die foundational daily items to boost immunity.

French Pharmacy 2.0

Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate’s texture is unlike any other. Skin permeability was high on the list of priorities—so it looks and feels like a gel and absorbs instantly like a serum.