High-Powered Body Activators

Solution Botanique: Our most targeted treatments are formulated based on the collective knowledge of the materia medica—the therapeutic properties of any substance used for healing—to address stress, fatigue, promote detoxification, optimize skin, stimulate healing, and restore balance.

French Pharmacy 2.0

Fleur Vibrante Serum Cerate’s texture is unlike any other. Skin permeability was high on the list of priorities—so it looks and feels like a gel and absorbs instantly like a serum.

Safe Sunning

We’re big believers in vitamin D. The positive effects of a moderate dose of sun exposure and proper sunbathing is an indispensable therapeutic modality—one of the primary building blocks of health.


A signature ingredient in our products, sea buckthorn, endures the intense conditions of a survivor, with built-in defense mechanisms and water-saving tricks that help it flourish without needing much nourishment from the land. But this ingredient is more than just a hydrating hero, it also has a range of medicinal and pharmacology benefits.