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Our most coveted travel essentials for the skin, mind, and spirit. Limited Edition.

Travel can wreak havoc on your skin and we believe you should have everything you need whether you jet set abroad or domestically. Here, we’ve crafted a travel foursome for all your vacation needs.

*Vegan, Non-GMO, 100% Natural, Ethically sourced botanicals.

Calme Complexe: In addition to rapidly soothing and nourishing sensitive, reactive, and irritated skin, Calme eases the mind and inhibits repetitive thoughts and mental over-activity.

Nourrit Complexe: Rejuvenating and replenishing, Nourrit delivers a youthful visage and a boost of radiance. It also calms and purifies the emotional and spiritual planes when it comes in contact with the skin.

Pur Complexe: Clarifying and radiance-boosting, Pur Complexe balances oil production and improves the appearance of pores and blemishes. Pur clarifies and elevates the mind while transcending awareness.

Complexe De Fleur: Infused with highly effective minerals and essential nutrients, Complexe de Fleur encourages healing and renewal and counteracts signs of aging. This multipurpose elixir also supports growth in all areas of life. It strengthens the imagination, yields adaptability, and increases spiritual and empathetic sensitivity.

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Calme Complexe 12ml/0.42fl.oz.
Nourrit Complexe 12ml/0.42fl.oz.
Pur Complexe 12ml/0.42fl.oz.
Complexe De Fleur12ml/0.42fl.oz.

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